Small Bore Rifle

The Small Bore Rifle Program at CDARPC has gotten off to a great start! We will be participating in the NRA Qualification Program. This will involve shooting 4 position at 50ft in our newly remodeled and updated indoor range.

This program offers youth from age 10 and older the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of gun safety and competitive shooting. Awards will made available to the shooters as they advance in their shooting skills by CDARPC.

We Shoot Friday evenings at 6:30 mid-September thru mid- May. The cost is$5.00 per shooter and includes club rifle, ammunition, targets and equipment for each nights use.

If you have or know of a youth shooter interested in learning the sport of target shooting please let them know about our program. If you have an experienced shooter that would like to join us we would enjoy having them share their experience. Please contact me, George Dunbar, at 425-802-4372 if you have any youth interested in the program. This is an equal opportunity sport. Whether tall or short, big or small, boy or girl, this can be the sport for them.

Let me introduce myself. I am George Dunbar and have been a competitive shooter since 1967. From Middle School through to Army ROTC at Gonzaga University I shot this very same program.  In the early 1990’s our kids joined 4H and found out that there was a Shooting Sports Program. For 16 years I was a 4H leader and became one of the directors of the Youth Shooters Program at the Kenmore Gun Ranges in Bothell, Wash. I have been a Certified Instructor, Rifle and Pistol Safety Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. I have had the privilege to coach all three of our kids and some of our grandkids, along with over 150 young people. I hope to have the privilege, along with the adults, to coach the youth shooters at CDARPC.

If you are interested in helping with coaching, scoring targets, awards, or in any other capacity, please contact me at the number above.

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