The Coeur d’Alene Rifle and Pistol Club maintains an active high power rifle program. We hold a match once a month January through September on the public 100-yard range with reduced targets. The matches are held on the first Saturday of each month unless it is a holiday weekend; then it is scheduled on Sunday of the following weekend. Check the calendar page on our web site for exact dates. The annual schedule is also posted at the outdoor range.

The firearms used by high power competitors can be any safe center fire rifle. Some matches require a magazine/stripper clip change in rapid fire, and some matches require iron sights and some allow optical sights. Each match has an advance match notice that specifies the requirements of each particular match. We welcome new shooters who may be interested in trying out high power rifle, and we provide any training needed to get started.suspended

600 Aggregate Offhand Match
500 Aggregate NRA Match Rifle/Tactical Match
500 Aggregate Vintage Service Rifle Match
500 Aggregate John C. Garand Match
600 Aggregate Modified F-Class Match
500 Aggregate Lever Action Match:Cardboard Targets
500 Aggregate NRA National Match Course

From January – September we shoot the following Seven Courses of Fire

  1. Offhand Match: regardless of how much snow is on the ground. This is a 60 round match consisting of 3-20 round strings Slow Fire.
  1. 100 yard Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Match: this is a conventional 50 round (500 aggregate) Highpower Match NRA approved. Except we shoot it with scoped or any sights desired on our rifles.
  1. 100 yard Vintage Service Rifle Match: This is open to all service rifles, regardless the country of origin. 1st half of the match is bench rest, Slow & Rapid Fire. 2nd half of the match is offhand, Slow & Rapid Fire. 50 rounds.
  1. CMP John C. Garand Match sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP): This is an iron sight 50-shot match in which all competitors shoot stock M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, or vintage Springfield 1903 rifles. The course of fire consists of 20 rounds slow fire in the prone position (20 minutes), 10 rounds rapid fire in the prone position (80 seconds), 10 rounds rapid fire in the sitting position (70 seconds), and 10 rounds slow fire in the standing position (10 minutes).
  1. Modified F-Class match (60 rounds) which is all shot in the prone position from the shoulder, with rifle rests and optical sights allowed. Targets used are the MR-1 600 yard targets reduced to 100 yards and the E.B.S. 100 yard benchrest targets.
  1. 100 yard Iron Sight Match Lever action Silhouette Match: This is an offhand match. The 1st 4 strings with the last string shot from the sitting or kneeling position. 50 rounds.
  1. NRA 100 yards modified National Match Course. 500 aggregate: This is a 50 shot match shot in 4 stages in the following sequence: 10 rounds standing, Slow Fire (10 Minutes), one 10 round string of Rapid Fire in the sitting position (60 seconds), one 10 round string of Rapid Fire in the prone position (70 seconds), and one 20 round string of Slow Fire in the prone position.

Upcoming Matches - See the calendar for more matches